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The purpose of the YogaToday blog is to educate, inspire, and grow the wonderful community that is already connected through our online practice. Submissions make take on any form that supports this mission, including a personal reflection, healthy recipe, yoga event write-up, unique destination, product review, wellness trend, interview, or other piece of work that the writer deems appropriate.

Before you submit an article, please keep these GUIDELINES in mind:

-All content submitted is for YogaToday’s blog only. Once submitted this content belongs to YogaToday. We encourage writers to promote the content of their writing by posting an abstract to a personal blog in addition to social media outlets.

-Length: 300 words is are minimum word count; there is no maximum word count.

-Any facts must be supported with veritable reference. YogaToday will not publish any content that does not have appropriate references.

-If your article is chosen, we will request that you to include accompanying photos (at least 800px wide by 400px tall, horizontal orientation please). INCLUDE PHOTO CREDIT if photograph is not yours.

-Please include a short biography with embedded links to any platforms.

-If your article is chosen, we will request a high resolution headshot.

-All submissions will be reviewed and may take several days to be posted. If you do not see your content we have elected to publish other submitted pieces.

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