PMdistilled learning test #14
Sequence activities (6.3) Page 187
The process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities.
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Develop project charter -> Identify stakeholders -> Develop project management plan - > Plan scope management -> Collect requirements -> Define scope -> Create WBS -> Plan schedule management-> Define activities -> Sequence activities (P#187)
1) Sequence activities happen during..........(P168)
1 point
2) Which of the following is not an input to sequence activities?
1 point
Four types of dependencies among tasks
Precedence diagramming method
3) Which of the following is not true about precedence diagramming method (PDM)? (P189)
1 point
4) For constructing the building, we need clearance from the local authorities. This is an example of...(P191)
1 point
Leads and lags
5) When the requirements are 80% completed we can start the design work. This is an example of .... (P192)
1 point
6) After pouring concrete, the next activity can start only after eight days. This is an example of....(P192)
1 point
7) Which of the following is true about schedule network diagrams? (P194)
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