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What are your deepest values? *
What are your strengths? *
Jumping ahead to the end of your life, what are the 3 most important lessons you learned...and why? *
Think of someone you deeply respect. Describe 3 qualities that you most admire in this person. *
Who are you at your best? *
What is the one sentence inscription you would like to see on your tombstone that captures who you really were in your life? *
Write your personal vision statement below. (Reflect your deepest values) *
Write your work/career vision. (Reflect personal vision and values) *
One a scale of 1-10, how fully engaged are you in your work/school? What is standing in your way? *
Almost never
Every moment
How closely does your everyday behavior match your values and serve your mission? Where are the disconnects? *
How fully are you embodying your values and vision for yourself at work? At home? In your community? Where are you falling short? *
How effectively are the choices that you are making physically—your habits of nutrition, exercise, sleep and the balance of stress and recovery—serving your key values? *
How consistent with your values is your emotional response in any given situation? Is it different at work than it is at home, and if so, how? Think about your response to conflict... *
To what degree do you establish clear priorities and sustain attention to tasks? How consistent are those priorities with what you say is most important to you? *
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