EBVS Working Group Flexible Pathways to Specialisation Questionnaire - Barriers to Providing Residencies
The European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (www.ebvs.eu - info@ebvs.eu) represents 27 specialist colleges in 38 disciplines in Europe. There are currently 4200 veterinarians that carry the title EBVS(r) European Veterinary Specialist in their discipline.

The EBVS working group on flexible pathways to specialisation is investigating the current situation and trying to understand the barriers to training more diplomates and possible solutions to overcome these barriers. Your views are crucial to improve our understanding.

We would be most grateful to have your input by the 31st of December.

NB you can choose to remain anonymous or provide your name/contact information. If you provide contact information, you consent for EBVS to process and store this data for the duration of the analysis phase of this project.
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