Chm 206 Spring 2019 Expt 9 Buffers 2
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1. What was your assigned pH? *
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2. (2 pts) What solid reagent did you use? *
3. (2 pts) What buffer recipe did you use?
4. (2 pts) What mass of solid regent did you use? Include units!
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5. (5 pts) What volume of the aqueous reagent did you use? Include units!
This refers to the 1 M NaOH(aq) or 1 M HCl(aq). I will check your calculations! Points are given for correct calculations using the buffer equation.
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6. (1 pt) What was the pH you obtained using this recipe?
(This is before you adjusted it.)
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7. (1 pt) What did you do to adjust the pH to the assigned value?
8. I have double checked my answers above, so that I used units where requested and reported values to the correct number of significant figures. Although it was not necessary this time, if I used exponential notation, I used the format 1.2345E-6, where there are NO spaces. *
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