2018 Artist Payout and Late Admittance Authorization
Please fill this form out completely.

NOTE: The Colorado Department of Labor requires that we show proof of each Individual Artist or Company as either an employee or "Independent Contractor" using either your social security number or business EIN (Employment Identification Number). This means we will need to collect that information and have some form of evidence to put on file that verifies your status. Examples: Business Card that states your business as Performer, Producer or Director, etc..., or a Website, or any other collateral material that lets them know your are truly in business to do the thing we are releasing funds to you for, otherwise we will need to pay you as a "temporary employee."
What is your Employment Status with the Boulder Fringe? *
Check Temporary Employee if you have no evidence of being Self Employed.
What is your Proof of Employment Status? *
Check ALL that apply. Please send copy of your supporting materials, weblink or other to info@boulderfringe.com
Primary Contact Full Name *
I am the designated recipient of the monies earned by my group / company during the 2018 Boulder International Fringe Festival, (August 15-26, Boulder, CO). I understand that I must fill out either a W-9 for Independent Contractors or a W-4 for Employees to be given to the IRS to report earnings during the festival in order to receive payout. [see W-9 & W-4 info section of this form]
Primary Contact Email Address *
This is where we will email you your 1099 form if you make over $600 at the festival or W-2 if you are considered a Temporary Employee. Please make sure this is accurate.
Company Name *
This is the artist group for whom I am authorized to receive income, sign checks and make fiscal decisions.
Show Title *
This is our Company's Show Title.
How would you like to receive your PAYOUT from the Boulder Fringe Festival Box Office? *
Payouts are made via a single deposit (in the form of a check) for your company's ticket sales postmarked on or before September 30th, 2018.
Acknowledgement of No Payouts for At-the-Door CASH Sales *
By checking the box below I understand and agree that the Boulder International Fringe Festival is no longer providing CASH payouts for at-the-door ticket sales following each performance, and that any CASH received from at-the-door ticket sales will be included in my single lump sum payout postmarked on or before September 30th, 2018 in the form of a check.
W-9 and W-2 INFO
The information you submit here will determine who your payout checks and 1099's or W-2's will be made out to and where they will be mailed. Please be sure to list the individual or entity that you want payout to go to as well as the Tax ID Number and legal address of the individual or business. And be extra sure that all of the information will be good through at least January 31, 2019.

This individual or entity will receive a 1099 to at the end of the year, if your company earns over $600 or will receive a W-2 for any amount if you are a Temporary Employee.

You will also be asked to fill out and sign a paper version of the IRS W-9 form at check-in. The information you enter on this form is what we will use to create your payout checks and 1099 form, so please make sure they match the W-9.
Full Name (for W-9 or W-2) *
List either the Individual or the Company that payout checks should be made out to. (should match what is shown on your income tax return)
Business Name
if different from above
Type of Organization *
Legal Address *
City *
State *
Zipcode *
Taxpayer Indentification Number *
Enter your personal SSN in this format: XXX-XX-XXXX or your EIN, if a business, in this format: XX-XXXXXXX
Late Admittance
Who can be admitted late?
Fringe policy is that no late arrivals are admitted. HOWEVER, you may authorize us to allow certain people to be admitted late to your show.
Clear selection
How late may patrons be admitted to your show?
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Signature *
By typing my name, I confirm that the information provided in this form is correct and true. I agree to the Boulder Fringe policies stated on this form. I also agree that the selections I have made on this form will govern how the Boulder Fringe manages my payout and late admittance.
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