FABxLive Activities Application
Applications close July 15, 2020

Fill out the following information to apply with your activity during the online FABxLive Event July 27-31! We will have opportunities throughout the conference to share what your Fab Lab is doing, engage in hands on workshops and discussions, and of course have some fabercise. The conference this year will take a deep dive into Covid-19 response, and how we can move forward in a thoughtful and effective way. On Friday, July 31, we will have a Global Fab Day by celebrating in our labs and engaging with our local communities.

Community Covid-Response
Rebooting Economies
Supporting Communities
Emergent Futures, Research, and Special Projects

* * * Take into consideration that your activity should last no more than 2 hours!
* * * Workshops will take place daily throughout the week of 27th of July to 2nd of August
Email address *
Please read the options below carefully and select the one that better fits your needs. If you'd like to apply with more than one activity, you can take the survey more than once.
Lead a workshop where others can follow along while in their local Fab Lab or at home. These can be pre-recorded or live, and can be done in your native language or in English, depending on your preference.

Please keep in mind that, given the circumstances around Covid-19, not everyone will have access to tools you would find in a Fab Lab unless they can purchase them ahead of time. Thus we will need a detailed list of materials for ONLINE workshops as soon as possible. This is also a chance to rethink what workshops we can do with things you can buy at local stores or find in most anyone's home!
Get involved with the community and share your knowledge and your thoughts around a particular topic with a discussion-based workshop.

We encourage you to adapt your theoretical workshop so that it is engaging ONLINE. You can also use collaborative online tools such as mura.ly or miro for enhancing the interaction.
We would love to know what you have been working on during this year! Have you opened a new fab lab? Did you make an amazing project that you want to share with us? Would you like to present yourself and what you do to the network?
Here is the moment of FABWORLD! Present your lab, a project, or yourself in a maximum 3min pitch. You can propose any format, whether it's a prerecorded video or a powerpoint presentation!
After all of this zoom time, we need to get active during our conference, will you lead a 3-5 min fabercise for the fab community?

For this year´s Fabercise we kindly request only VIDEO submissions.
Do you want to propose an event and collaborate with your local community and network? During FabXLive we will host self-organized sessions (formerly known as FAB FOOs) that you can curate. They can be panel talks, webinars, round tables, debates, meet-ups, local community workshops, whatever comes to mind! We invite you to propose the theme, choose your timezone, language and format of your event that will be displayed as a part of the program and everyone will have the possibility to join your organized session.
If you have an activity in mind specifically for Global Fab Day on Friday, July 31, please submit this through the separate form on our website.
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