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Juan ___________in the library this morning.
Alicia, __________the windows please. It's too hot in here.
The movie was _____the book
Eli's hobbies include jogging, swimming, and_________.
Mr. Hawkins requests that someone_____ the data by fax immediately.
Who is _____, Marina or Sachiko.
The concert will begin ______fifteen minutes.
I have only a___________ Christmas cards left to write.
Each of the Olympic athlets _____for months, even years.
The company will upgrade_____computer information system next month.
Cheril likes apples,_____she does not like oranges.
You were ______the New York office before 2 p.m.
When I graduate from college next June, I _____ a student here for five years.
Ms.Guth _____ rather not invest that money in the stock market.
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