August Pre-Semester Retreat
When: Friday, August 27- Sunday, August 30
Where: Incarnation Center, CT

As we look toward the fall semester, our initial priority is to provide the space and time for us to reconnect as a community and enter the school year with collective spiritual vision. To this end, we have begun planning an extended retreat right before dorms open. 

If the Yale schedule remains as announced, staff will be ready to receive you in New Haven on Fri, Aug 27, and transport everyone to a nearby retreat center. All day Friday will simply be a time to be with one another—games, walks, movie nights, late-night convos. Starting on Saturday, we’ll discuss and prepare for the year ahead. We will wrap up and bring you back to campus on Monday morning (Aug 30). 

Since this is a new thing (the opening dates for Yale and therefore the timing of this retreat), we will be having to work through logistical hiccups as they come. Here are some FAQs that we thought might initially help, but please feel free to reach out to or throughout the summer to ask specific questions to your circumstances.



How certain is this?

If Yale is able to keep to its projected dates, the timing and location for retreat are set. If Yale ends up shifting dates and protocols around, we’ll likely have to shift too. But we’ll keep y’all in the loop.

How is transportation going to work, esp. with all my stuff?


If living in dorms:

from the East Coast, short drive to campus: get a ride to campus on Friday, and head to retreat; and then ask (if possible) for someone to bring the majority of your stuff and meet you on campus on Monday for move-in

from the East Coast, medium to long drive to campus: arrive with all your stuff on Friday, and store most of it locally (either with a friend/at a sublet/etc. or hopefully we can provide a YSC spot to store things); then head to retreat till Monday move-in.

Arriving by bus/train/plane: We will coordinate according to your arrival time. We might be able to help even from the airports/stations, depending on how everyone’s arrivals cluster. We will find space to safely store your luggage, and after retreat, we’ll get you and your stuff back to your college/apt.

Arriving to New Haven on Sat or Sun: We’ll do our best to still get you to retreat, even if it’s just one or two nights; but if possible, we would recommend arriving by Friday to make the transitions not as hectic.

If living off-campus:

As much as possible, try to get your stuff moved in before/by Friday; then head out to retreat. If that’s not possible, follow one of the scenarios above.

What should I bring to retreat?

Pillow, sleeping bag (if you have one or can borrow one), swimming gear (if you like swimming in a lake), towel, toiletries, Bible, notebook/journal

How much will retreat cost?

No cost to you (covered, again, by generous alumni!)

Can I invite others?

Absolutely! We know that everyone will need some transition time to ease the re-entry to Yale, and we want this retreat to provide that kind of space. There will be Christian content, of course; but we will adjust how to approach everything in order to be sensitive to all who are there.

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