CCC - Mugs - Chennai Coastal Clean-up team's ​initiative

To fight the battle against the never ending stream of millions of paper cups and use-and-throw water bottles which we use every day and directly throw away, polluting our environment CTC's creative team has made some beautiful Mug designs which you ll be able to order soon with your name and CCC/CTC logo and a strong visual message to create awareness among your colleagues and friends.

Do you know how many trees have been cut down to produce the paper cups?

Do you know very minimal percentages of paper cups were recycled and rest of them are disposed in landfill due the contamination?

How many of us know about the wax medium which is used in paper cups to avoid the leakage of liquids?

How many of us aware that we are drinking the melted wax along with the hot tea/coffee while using paper cups?

In the name of Hygienic we are drinking liquids in a non healthier material and damaging our health

Why do you still drink water/tea/coffee in wax coated paper cups and plastic cups ? Be the change for the environment cause and also to care your health.

How many of us are ready to carry our own mug to drink Tea/Coffee?

Don’t we like to drink the Tea/Coffee in our own mug along with name?

We would also like to introduce CTC Tea,Coffee Mugs to promote #NoPlasticChallenge as part of the Chennai Coastal Clean-up awareness campaign. Say NO to Paper/Plastic Cups.

#NoPlasticChallenge rules -

It will be amazing to see the environmental impact by using the reusable cups in the place of Paper cup for 1 year. Thanks Earth Recyler ( Official Recycling Partner of Chennai Coastal Clean-up team ) for deriving the values.

Stopped using 108 gallons of water -> 408 litres from processing for generating paper cups
1 lbs of air pollution prevented from being released
0.1 cubic yards of landfill space saved
63 kWh of electricity. That's enough to power the average home for 2 days

Cost of the Mug would come around 200 to 230 rupees. It will be delivered to your Address.

The change is in your hands now. Let's decide. Get urs soon and get rid of those waxy paper cups

Chennai Coastal Clean-up Team

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