Brdey's Commission Form - Sept. 2020
Hello, folks!

I'm finally re-opening my commissions for public requests. Keep in mind, I'll only be taking 5 for the month of September (end of months completion.) These are NOT first come, first serve. I will be choosing ones freely. You are more than welcome to apply multiple times for different commission types.

I have a semi-strict terms of service and would like you to thoroughly look through the TOS to make sure you're prepared. If anything on there confuses you or you have any questions, don't be afraid to reach out and ask.

Terms of Service:

Prices are subject to change month-to-month at any time, and without notice. I'm sorry, but I feel some things take more effort than others and I want to fairly price my commissions. Thank all of you for considering me for your artwork needs.

If the payment is not paid in 24 hours, your slot will be replaced. -#-
What commission(s) type are you interested in? *
Character file/link here: *
Any extras like shading, NSFW, backgrounds, etc? If you're requesting NSFW, please state your date of birth. *
What are the details of the commission? Pose, expression, etc... *
E-mail for commission delivery? *
Social Media (Twitter, #Discord, Toyhouse?)
Paypal Email for Invoice *
Any questions, concerns, comments?
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