Embrace Gratitude Reflections
Please share in our gratitude reflections. All reflections make a difference. We encourage it to be done with children and youth in creative ways for best practice.
Finding appreciation  everyday can make a difference! What are the experiences and routines that I appreciate daily at this present time? Supporting children and youth to express and reflect on this can be a creative experience in self-awareness and stress management. *
Supporting appreciation for others  in our lives and for the relationships we share with these people is a daily form of gratitude. Supporting children and youth to express and look at this is a great form of reflection and builds awareness and appreciation on many levels.               Finding ways to celebrate and be creative really makes a difference with perspective and momentum daily. Share thoughts and reflections. *
Supporting gratuity to build awareness and hope is a positive momentum for everyone. Keeping routines and communication supportive keeps the vibes moving forward. Support this awareness and reflection with children and youth in creative ways as it supports the rudimentary levels of foundational awareness and self-regulation that will support them in their lifetime! Share thoughts and reflections. *
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