It's about FOOD ! ... I do Care ...
DEPARTMENT of FOOD SAFETY, Govt. of NCT of Delhi is committed to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food in NCT of Delhi.

The Current Survey "It's about FOOD ! ... I do Care ..." is an initiative under the recently launched Mission of the Department named "SEHATMAND DELHI". By this survey the intention is to reach out and educate the Food Business Operators across the national capital through the citizen especially the YOUTH of the city state.

Your participation in this mission "SEHATMAND DELHI" will go a long way in ensuring Safe Food Eco System.

Name and address of the Restaurant/Hotels/Eating Place Visited . *
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Do you have FSSAI License/Registration for Food Business ?
Do you use color in Food preparation ? *
Do you know that use of synthetic colors in Food (Except Sweets, Confectionery & Bakery Products) preparations is prohibited as per Food Safety Laws and non compliance may result in severe punishment including imprisonment and/or fine ? *
Do you use Potable Water for Food Preparation ? *
Do you check for expiry and foreign matters in food items before Food Preparation ?
Do you promote transparency by allowing the Consumers to access your kitchen area ? *
Do you wash and sanitize your hands before cooking ? *
Are you aware of temperature requirements for food serving and storage ?
Do you have mechanism in place to address Food Safety Concerns of Customers ?
Do you promote healthy eating ?
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