2019 TSU-UNITE Pre-College Engineering Summer Program

The Department of Engineering of Texas Southern University , in collaboration with the Army funded UNITE program, will be hosting its Annual Pre-College Engineering Summer Program. The program encourages and helps prepare students to pursue a college education in engineering and related fields, as part of a national initiative to develop a talented and trained STEM workforce. Application is FREE. Application forms are also available online at http://engineering.tsu.edu
Application Deadline: May 31th 2019
PROGRAM DATES: June 24th, 2019—July 19th, 2019
TIME: 9:00 AM– 2:00 PM STIPEND: $400.00 (Full Attendance Required)
For more information email Marcia Robin-Stoute at Robinms@tsu.edu or Marcia.Robin-Stoute@tsu.edu
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