Renaissance Church Membership Application
Please fill out the below application in preparation for your member interview with a Renaissance Church elder or elder-in-training. You will be signing a printed physical copy during your interview. Access to your responses on this application will be restricted to the elders and elders-in-training of Renaissance Church.

Please note, married couples still need to fill out the application individually (SEPARATE APPLICATION FOR EACH PERSON).
Contact Information
Your email address *
Full Name and Date of Birth *
eg: John Smith 01/01/1900
Home address and home phone number (if applicable) *
eg: 1 Main St. Pittsburgh PA 15201 (800) 111-2233
Cell Phone Number *
Occupation *
Marital Status *
Fiance(e)'s or Spouse's name and Wedding Date
Children's Information
Child(ren)'s Name(s), Date(s) of Birth, and any Notes
Jane Smith, 02/03/1904, NOTE: NA
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