Colleague Nominations for The Royal Academy of Engineering GCRF Frontiers of Development symposium
Event Timing: Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th July, 2018 (with arrival on Sunday 15th)
Event Theme: Inclusivity and Wellbeing: Coastal Communites in a 3°C World
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Contact: or +44 20 7766 0738

Programme Website:

The Symposium

Frontiers of Development is a series of interdisciplinary symposia bringing together the best early to mid-career researchers from industry, academia and government in multidisciplinary workshops that address fundamental development challenges centring on the SDGs. Events will be held outside of the UK and will bring peers of all nationalities, from across the globe together.

The symposia will be formulated around a selection of broad topics grounded in development challenges, and structured to facilitate the building of networks across broad multi-disciplinary communities. The intention is that groups formed within the symposia will be encouraged to apply for the GCRF Networking Grant scheme

Innovation Unconference
Additionally, we are working with the Academy’s Leaders in Innovation Fellowship (LIF) Programme to host an Innovation Unconference. The event will bring together 4 years of Alumni of the LIF programme from Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico and it will also be open to participants of the FoD symposium. The event is not compulsory and does not influence the programme of FoD, rather, we have arranged it to align with FoD themes and participants are encouraged to extend their stay to participate if they feel it would be useful and productive; costs will be covered by RAEng. Ideally, the session would encourage collaboration between the Newton Fund LIF awardees and GCRF FoD participants.
By way of a brief background, the unconference will be heavily focused on innovation but will function under the same theme as the FoD symposium (Inclusivity and Wellbeing: Coastal Communities in a 3° World).

What is an unconference?
The uniqueness of an unconference is that the programme is decided by the participants. Rather than trying to anticipate the needs of the cohort and create the whole programme in advance, this format mobilises the expertise of the network and creates a content which is entirely specific to the group present in the room.
The idea is built on the principle that all participants have expertise and wisdom to share with each other that is often overlooked. It moves away from the idea that only a very senior member of an organisation can only provide this wisdom. Thus, the focus is on a peer to peer learning system.

The event is scheduled to begin shortly after the conclusion of the FoD Symposium on the afternoon of Wednesday 18th July and it will run until lunch on Thursday 19th July. In addition to the unconference, there will be a networking reception to bridge the two events at Rio’s Museum of Tomorrow.

Attendance at the unconference is not mandatory and is managed on an opt-in basis. It is exclusively open to attendees of the Frontiers of Development Symposium and invited LIF Alumni. All travel, accommodation and subsistence costs for those attending the Frontiers of Development Symposium will be covered by RAEng. Those who wish to opt-in to the Innovation Unconference will also have additional expenses in these areas covered.

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