Momentum Infinity (working title)
A non-profit network of live/work/create/gallery spaces around the world will bring together experienced artists, scientists, thinkers, makers and doers, enabled with high-tech tools and shared infrastructure to enable creativity and art that betters the world, at city scale and beyond.


• Help create the next generation of interactive art. Inspired/powered by: Fine art, experimentation, AI, robotics and science.

• Giving a few artists short-medium term housing while we help grow their skills to become more marketable in tech heavy areas, so they can afford to live there.

• Give artists and creators free/inexpensive access to amazing tools, infrastructure, and advice

• Create an ecosystem of people helping each other do awesome things, growing and deeply investing in each others projects. Everyone involved grows more capable, and hopefully they help others grow.

• Big Picture: Universal Basic Income.
Lack of money will not be the long term problem. Lack of purpose and hope will be. For some percent of people, this be a good solution. Robots are coming to do our work. It could be wonderful.
But we need to know how to steer it that way - it's unprecedented.

We will be starting in the San Francisco bay area because it has the right mix of resources and frankly, problems to solve.

We have arranged close to $50,000 towards our pilot program for the first year, and we have what would cost $50,000+ in tooling and infrastructure.

• Large laser cutter
• Museum quality 44" wide format color printer
• Array of 3d Printers
• Some sound/lighting/video gear
• Lots of interactive art
• A modular truck for logistics or exhibition

We also expect to create a fair bit of open source content to make this all easier (tech etc) for everyone.

Please leave your info if you are interested in being involved in any way.


Sean Stevens

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