2019 Nevada Association of Conservation Districts Scholarship Application
Please complete all sections of this application form to apply for the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts’ 2019 Scholarship. Applications must be complete. Incomplete applications cannot be submitted. Application must be electronically submitted by April 15, 2019.

1) In addition to this form, applicant MUST email a PDF or clear photo of your high school or college transcript and two letters of recommendation to Adriane Tibbitts, NvACD treasurer, at treasurer@nvacd.org. The applicant may also email any information relevant for consideration.

2) Applicant must be a resident of Nevada.

3) Applicant must already be enrolled in a post-secondary program or will be enrolling and attending an institution of higher education within the year.

4) Preference given to students pursuing an education in agriculture, renewable natural resources, or a related field. Scholarships will be awarded at the NvACD Scholarship Committee’s discretion. Multiple scholarships may be awarded.

5) Scholarship money is to be used for schooling expenditures at an accredited institution of higher learning, including vocational/technical schools. The funding must be used within the immediate year of attendance after the scholarship is awarded towards tuition and fees, room and board, books, school supplies, or transportation.

6) Before any scholarship payment is made, the successful student must provide proof of enrollment to NvACD for review. Payment will then be sent to the financial aid office of the appropriate institution.

7) For more information contact Adriane Tibbitts at 208-241-4307 or treasurer@nvacd.org

*When filling in this form, please type your responses in an organized and logical manner.*

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