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Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are delighted that your child will be using Jugaad Ventures Inc.’s Simbi™ online software application learning platform (

Simbi helps your child improve their literacy through two techniques: Reading While Listening and Reading Out Loud. As they progress with their literacy journey, Simbi benchmarks their reading to gauge improvement over time. Whether it’s for story time, homework, or classwork, Simbi will help your child fall in love with reading and become a better, more confident reader. You can choose from Simbi’s growing library of audio-visual books, or upload your own for your child to read. Simbi’s dashboard provides an overview of your child’s reading proficiency and performance over time. You’ll get the information you need to better understand your child’s reading fluency, but most importantly, Simbi will give you the insights you need to help your child along their literacy journey and inform what books they should be reading next.

In order for your child to use Simbi™, you, as the legal parent or guardian of the child named below, must sign this Consent form.

By digitally signing this Consent form, you will agree to be bound by the Jugaad Ventures Inc. End User Licensing and Terms of Services Agreement, Privacy Policy, and GDPR Addendum as defined at:,,

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