TEDxGeorgeMasonU Short-Term Volunteer Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in volunteering!

If you are interested in volunteering at a TEDxGeorgeMasonU event please fill out the below form. Our production manager will reach out to you if volunteers are still needed to the event(s) you indicated that you are available for here.

Responses are automatically deleted on May 1st of each year. Please be sure to apply back each year you are interested!

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Check all boxes that you honestly would feel comfortable doing during an event.
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Check the following if you have access to, and feel comfortable bringing and using any of the following equipment for event related tasks.
Briefly tell a little about yourself, and why you would like to volunteer, and any past experience that may aid in performing duties:
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Currently scheduled events, some may have volunteer spots already filled.
Please check which events you can volunteer for:
Times are subject to change. If you receive an email from our team, and you have potential time conflicts - let them know as soon as possible, so arrangements can be made.
Disclaimer: By volunteering for any event: It is very likely that you may not be able to see all the talks, or interact with event activities as a regular patron would. You may tell your supervisor which talks you would like to see, and they will try to accommodate - but promises can not be made. *
If you have an issue arise where you will not be able to volunteer for part or whole of an event: you must contact your supervisor as soon as possible. *
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