ARTintheAGEofAQUARIUS : spring equinox on the beach!
hello, darling. welcome to the RSVP list for secrets & information

. - x X O o - .
dear one, what is your name?
and an email address where you might be reached?
what's the likelihood of you actually making it to the beach on the 21st?
(please do come back and update this if it changes, i actually measure the flake factor and it influences my choice of beach.)
fuck yeah! let's get witchy.
let's be real. i'm just curious about the emails.
Clear selection
additional RSVP's? / how big is yr travelling party?
check this box if you would like to be notified, spontaneously/via email, for beach tests and explorations prior to the party
care to volunteer? or other comments, suggestions, shout-outs, ways in which you would like to be helpful
please consider making a donation to the green pony fund
by logging in to :::::: ::::::

and sending $ to :::::::: :::::::::

what is the green pony fund?
it supports the adventures of quito's mobile sanctuary/art studio on wheels, the green pony, a shaggy green mini-van perma-stuck in the 90's held together with spit and gaffer's tape and covered in afghan blankets.

the green pony will be hanging out at Sylvia's Place this spring, bringing wonder, crafts and family dinners to queer and trans housing-challenged youth. she will also be taking the tiny queers out on adventures to the beach and beyond!

all funds donated will be used to support this work, including groceries for family dinners, art supplies, gas/maintenance costs, and other expenses related to the cooking in Sylvia's kitchen and youth adventures and outings.


thank you, darling
see you on the beach
xx q.
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