Interest Form for Sexuality & Relationships Classes
We are looking at offering these programs sometime January-June 2021.

Please note: We normally offer Our Whole Lives (OWL), which is a comprehensive set of sexuality and relationship curricula. Due to limitations of the pandemic, we may be making some adaptations. "OWL" is only to be used when the curriculum is being used exactly as designed, so we will be calling the classes something else, like "Taking Flight" for the middle schoolers.

OWL has three adult programs. All of them have information and reflection topics relevant to adults at any age, but each is tailored to the issues people are often experiencing at a particular stage of adulthood. The young adult curriculum, designed for ages 18-35, focuses more on dating and related issues. The adult curriculum was designed for adults 18+ and includes topics for those in long-term relationships and who are actively parenting. The older adult curriculum was designed for people 50+ or those caretaking for older adults, and it covers such topics as body changes, loss, and dating later in life.

These are comprehensive curricula and cover much more than can be listed here. Please email Meredith at if you want more details.

*** CONSISTENT attendance is required. ***
The sessions build on one another, so it takes away from subsequent sessions if everyone isn't up-to-speed. It's also very important to build a strong group (think "team"), so participants feel more comfortable exploring these sensitive topics and can get the most out of the program. That's not possible with people coming and going.
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