Arena Rules
Hello 8th grade and high school students, parents, guardians, team mentors, ROBOTC mentors, boosters,

This form lists all the rules that everyone must read and agree to before using the VEX robotics arenas.

The arena and all the game elements are very expensive (about $2,000 each). In general all the rules center around being careful and respectful when using the arena, the stage, and the school. All students and team mentors (adults) must agree to and sign this form (type your name on the last page) before they are allowed to schedule and use the arenas. No teams will be allowed to use an arena until all team members and team mentors have read and agree to these rules.

Students - please go get your parents or guardians and read these rules with them. Both student and parent/guardian must read, sign, and submit the form at the same time.

Students cannot use the arenas until Mr. Ulrich or Mr Haney discusses the rules with the students first. This may occur during summer camp or after school starts. Also, the school must approve available time slots before reservations can be made to not conflict with other events, to make sure someone else is in the school, and the school is not locked.

- Milford Engineering and Robotics Boosters (MERB)
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