Southeast Nebraska Regional Program Lending Library Procedures
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Lending Library Procedures
In order to ensure that all SNRP Lending Library materials are accessible and accounted for in inventory, the following procedures have been established:

1. Individuals who utilize the lending library must ensure their contact information is up to date with the SNRP office (i.e. phone number, email address, mailing address).

2. Lending Library materials may only be checked out when the SNRP office is open (8 am–4 pm Monday-Friday). It is recommended to communicate if you will be stopping by to ensure that a staff member will be present.

3. There is a five-item limit for the number of items checked out at one time.

4. It is your responsibility to return materials in the condition in which they were borrowed and to return items ON OR BEFORE THE DUE DATE.

5. SNRP will contact you via email, phone, or by letter for reminders about the materials you have checked out. If the item has not been returned and it is one month past the due date, SNRP will assume the material is lost or damaged and you will be held responsible for replacement cost.

6. If you would like to keep an item longer than the due date, please call or email Wendy Herrold (402-436-1897 or and she will recheck out the item to you with a new due date. However, in order to ensure that everyone is able to check out items when needed, you may only recheck out an item one time before returning it to SNRP.
I have read the SNRP Lending Library procedures and agree to follow these procedures. If I default on this agreement made with SNRP, I know that my Lending Library privileges may be revoked. I understand that I am responsible for replacement costs of materials I have checked-out if I do not return items by one month after the due date or if I return materials in a damaged condition (discretion of the SNRP Staff). *
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