Elements Music Camp - Application Form
Please read through all the details below before sending in your application for Elements Music Camp. For questions, e-mail us at elementsmusiccamp@globe.com.ph. #GlobeLiveElements
• Must be 21-35 years old, Male or Female.
• Must be a resident of the Philippines and of Philippine descent, or be a Filipino citizen.
• Must write, sing and own their Original Music (Songs have never been published).
• Must not be signed as a recording artist to any record label. (Existing contacts for management, distribution and publishing are acceptable).
• Must submit between July 5 to July 31, 2018.
• Applicant must allow Globe Telecom to use his/her name, image, likeness, logo or icon for any content created prior to, during or after camp that maybe released on any digital platform.
• Open to all eligible applicants nationwide. Callbacks and screenings will be held in Manila. Transportation and accommodation should be care of the applicant.
Application Requirements
• Applicant must submit One (1) to Two (2) original English songs which he/she owns in its entirety. The song must have never been released nor been assigned or licensed to any entity.
• Applicant must have active knowledge and usage of social media.
• Applicant must be actively performing in the Live scene.
• Applicant must have basic experience or exposure to arranging, recording and producing his/her own music.
• Applicant must agree to the terms and conditions set for the Elements Music Camp 2018.
What to submit:
• One (1) to Two (2) Live video of the submitted song/s.
• Applicant can send One (1) to Two (2) songs in English.
• A Live performance video for each submitted song, the video must include a brief introduction and explanation of the song and its creation and production process.
• The song submitted must already be basically arranged.
- MP3 file per submitted song.
- Lyrics per submitted song.
- All file submissions should total to only 1GB.
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