General Safety test
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Keep all safety guards in place when using a machine *
Obtain instructors permission prior to using any power tool *
Do not start or stop a machine for someone else. *
Horseplay or childish behavior does not belong in the shop *
Carry tools with sharp edges pointed down and away from you *
Report unsafe conditions to the instructor immediately *
Dress appropriately for work in the shop (no coats, baggy clothes, closed toe shoes, hair pulled back, etc) *
Report any accident, no matter how small to the instructor *
Cleaning up and putting tools away is Mr. Beauchamp's responsibility *
Turn machines off when finished and wait by them until they come to a complete stop *
Only use tools that you have been certified on *
Report spills immediately *
Safety glasses should be worn in the shop at all times. *
It is acceptable to carry conversations with others while they are using a power tool. *
Never throw tools or other objects in the shop. *
Use tools with care and appropriately - how they were intended to be used. *
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