Kiiko Matsumoto's Japan Study Seminar - December 2019 Application
Before applying, please be sure to read all about the seminar, our application process, eligibility and cancellation policy at our website:
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What style(s) of acupuncture do you practice? Have you studied/do you practice Kiiko Matsumoto Style or another Japanese style, and if so where and for how long? Please describe your experience below and why you would like to join us in Japan. PLEASE BE DETAILED!
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Choice 1: Mail a check made out to "Yuyao Society LLC" for the US $150 deposit to:

Yuyao Society
Attn. Kiiko Japan Trip
30 Garden Alley
Doylestown, PA 18901 USA

*Your check will only be deposited if you are accepted to the seminar.*

Choice 2: Receive an online invoice for $150, which can be paid by credit card or Paypal. The remaining balance of $550 will be invoiced later and is due by August 1st. (There is approximately a 3% fee added to online transactions in the USA, approximately 4.5% if you’re outside of the USA.) You will be invoiced ONLY if you are accepted to the trip.

IMPORTANT: If the deposit is not received after one week of being accepted to the seminar, your place will be offered to another candidate. The deposit is non-refundable. We appreciate your commitment and sincerity in reserving a space in our life-changing seminar.
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