Salcombe Harbour Accident Report Form
Bye-Law 14 Notification of Collisions etc.
the master of a vessel which
(a) has been involved in a collision with any vessel or property or has been sunk or grounded or become stranded in the harbour or:
(b) by reason of accident fire defect or otherwise is in such a condition as to affect safe navigation or to give rise to danger to other vessels or property or
(c) in any manner gives rise to an obstruction to a fairway
shall as soon as reasonably practicable report the occurrence to the Harbour Master and thereafter provide the Harbour Master with full details in writing and where the damage to a vessel is such as to affect or be likely to affect its seaworthiness the master shall not move the vessel except to clear the fairway or to moor or anchor in safety otherwise than with the permission and in accordance with the directions of the Harbour Master.
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