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In partnership with The Surefoot Effect, we are delighted to accept an Ingenious grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering to deliver a programme of facilitated group sessions that community building operators can use to understand what a net zero future holds for their own premises. The programme will help communities to not only understand energy efficiency and thermal comfort in difficult buildings, but also to think about how their buildings should be used in their local contexts and how to make this change happen.

Find out more at https://heathack.org/. You can also email join@heathack.org and ask us to give you a call.  We're happy to help.
To achieve this, we need UK-based volunteer engineers to assist community groups with the more technical aspects of the programme. Find out more about this volunteer opportunity here: https://heathack.org/for-engineers
Please complete the form below if you are an engineer wanting to help your community run their buildings without wasting energy.
If you are a UK-based community group that wants to work with an engineer, please complete this form:

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What is your postcode?  We ask for this to pair you with a group if you do not have one and to estimate your travel costs so we save out enough money to cover your expenses. *
What is your mobile phone number? We will use this as an alternate means of communication to email, either because you prefer that or because we can't reach you. You do not need to give this information if you don't want to.
If you already know what group you want to work with, what is the group or building's name?  If you don't know, just leave this blank and we'll help you find one nearby.
Do you have an engineering degree or have you completed a formal apprenticeship? Our funders, the Royal Academy of Engineering, need us to include 40 qualified engineers.  We recognise that this may disadvantage some brilliant volunteers, and we are happy to try to accommodate you. *
Please confirm you are happy with what the volunteering requires - and thank you in advance for your efforts! *
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