Hurricane Ida Volunteer Form
There is a need for volunteers to assist our neighbors in Louisiana. Please fill out the information below completely. Currently Katy Responds is supporting relief efforts through three areas of need.

Supply Drop Off - We need volunteers to help with staging a local supply drop off location. While we don't have an exact location yet, it will be a church in the Katy area. This will primarily be collecting and organizing donations over the next few weeks.

Boarding, Tarping and Chainsaw Crew - Over the next few days we will be supporting relief efforts in Louisiana with boarding, tarping, and chainsaw crews. You will be connected with a sending team to be the boots on the ground in the heavily affected areas.

Food Mission Crew - This team will travel to those affected areas in Louisiana with a local food mission. You will be serving meals to first responders and those affected by the storm. Details on this team (locations, days, etc) will be sent as plans solidify.
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Thank you for your support during this hurricane relief effort.
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