2020 Pennsylvania Academic All-American Award
Recognizing and rewarding academic achievement in junior gymnasts is paramount to the success of the Junior Olympic Program. The Junior Program is designed to provide a training ground for the development of young athletes. While physical development is obviously important, the program must also stress development of values, morals and social skills, which will remain with these young men for all their lives.

Encouraging a high level of academic achievement in our young athletes is as important as encouraging their athletic achievement. Pennsylvania Men’s Gymnastics has therefore established the following Academic All-American Recognition Award program to be presented annually at the State Championships.

Eligible athletes MUST:
1. Have a 3.5 GPA or higher (on a 4.0 scale), with documentation of GPA from school.
2. Pay $15 via cash or check (PA Men's Gymnastics)
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Payment Method: (All Payments can be sent to PA State Chairman; 1303 Foxmeadow Drive, Royersford PA, 19468 with documentation of GPA) *
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