Balance Network - Pre-Launch Game Survey
This is to find out more about what games and platforms people already own and prefer. As with everything else we will run a *BALANCE* :) of popular games as well as introductory/exhibition games and events for games that are neglected in terms of competitive representation or organized play. The introductory events are intended to introduce different regions to new games and franchises that they might not have otherwise been exposed to and also present entry point level playing fields for people to get into vs more established games.
Email address *
What's your Discord handle? (leave blank if you dont have one). Currently we will coordinate the gaming and hang out's on our discord server here
Which of the following internationally popular (and more casual friendly) FREE games do you already play or interested in?
Which of the following specifically popular games in Asia do you currently play?
Which of the following paid co-op or PVP/VE games do you OWN?
Which of the following fighting games do you own?
Which of these exhibition / intro games are you potentially interested in or already playing
Which of these deeper / more time consuming games do you currently play?
What platforms do you play on?
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