Unit 6 Lesson 13.3
Solving Area Equations
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1) A ship’s triangular signal flag has a base of 8 inches and an area of 64 square inches. What is the height of the signal flag?
2) A park is shaped like a trapezoid. It has an area of 7.2 square miles. One base is 1.2 miles, and the other base is 2.4 miles long. What is the height of the trapezoid?
3) A section in a stained glass window is shaped like a right triangle. The section has a height of 7.5 cm. If the area of the section of glass is 17.25 cm² , how long is the base of the section? *
4) Mel and Kenneth want to refinish the community center gym floor. The rectangular floor is 15.2 m wide and 25.6 m long. If each gallon of polyurethane covers about 180 square meters, how many gallons should Mel and Kenneth buy? *
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