Astro Pi, Mission Space Lab Registration
We have blast off! Thanks for joining us to register for Astro Pi's Mission Space Lab challenge.

Once you have completed this form, our Astro Pi experts will assess your team's brilliant scientific idea to ensure it will work in space.

Please provide all your answers in English and do so before Friday 25th October, which is our closing date for applications.

We are so excited to read through your ideas and we hope to welcome your program to run on the International Space Station very soon!

Good luck!

Astro Pi Team

Pssst. A few things you should know:

1. We will use your email address as your unique identifier throughout the challenge, so please use the same email address for all communications with us.
2. This form should be completed by the team mentor or the person leading the team.
3. We recommend participants in your team should be between the ages of 11-19 years old and your team must be based in a ESA member state to participate or Slovenia, Canada and Malta:
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