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Here at Invision Game Community we are on the lookout for our next bunch of talented student and graduate writers to join our team. We've had some great people join us in the past who have moved on to bigger things thanks to the experiences they've gained through Invision, and we want to help more people do the same.

Ideally you'll be interested in gaming and technology but if you are just looking to get your foot in the door for journalism we'll happily accept your applications as well. We can't pay you for your time as what little money we make funds the site maintenance fees, but as well as work experience you get the next best thing; free gadgets, games and invitations to special events (including exclusive movie screenings). All we ask of you is to review the items you get and write up about the events you attend as honestly as you can, it's that simple.

You're free to upload any of your work from Invision to your own blog sites, YouTube, social media and wherever else you can which means the opportunity to monetize your articles and videos. We just ask that you also consider sharing our links to your articles as well and link back to Invision in your posts. We want you to help us help you, the more exposure Invision gets, the more exposure you get and then who knows, maybe you will be head hunted and be heading on to better things like some of our old writers.

So, if you're 16 or over and this sounds like something you'd enjoy doing and you fancy earning some free gear whilst getting valuable work experience, just fill out the form below to apply to join the team.

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