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By completing this form, I certify that I am an Active member in good standing with the Histiocyte Society. An Active member in good standing is defined as those members whose dues are paid and up to date through 2019. I understand that if my city is chosen to host a Histiocyte Society Annual Meeting, I will be expected to do my best to adhere to the guidelines provided and understand that all final decisions regarding all aspects of the meeting will fall to the Executive Board and Secretariat.

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Please list at least 3 facilities/hotels in which the Society meeting, with approximately 200 attendees, could be held. Also note the approximate distance and travel time from an international airport for each. *
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Please list at least 3 hotels within walking distance of the conference center/hotel where the meeting is likely to be held (if the meeting will be held at a hotel, that hotel cannot be included in this list) *
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Please list potential sources of funding (and amount from each) you expect to be able to secure in support of the Annual Meeting. *
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Please explain any experience you've had in planning and organizing similarly-sized meetings or special events. *
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If your city was chosen, are you willing to assist in the capacity of a local organizer in the following ways? *
Promptness in communication with meeting planning staff.
"On the Ground" support during the planning phase in order to make visits to venues, if necessary, to help work out any details.
Ability to provide information about the city and its offerings to the meeting planning staff for inclusion on the meeting website.
Willingness to assist the meeting planning staff in the planning, organization and conduct of the meeting
Willingness to obtain local sponsorships and grants in support of the meeting.
By checking the box below, I certify that I have read and understood the guidelines for serving as a Local Organizer and commit to doing my very best to fulfill each obligation associated with this role. *
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