Election Day In-Person Voting Experience Survey
This survey is intended to collect stories and assess the experience of voting in person on Election Day in the November general election. This information will be used by voter advocacy groups to report on the November general election and to improve processes for the future. If you voted in person on July 14th, please fill out this survey with as much information as you are able to. If you have voted absentee (either by mail or in-person before Election Day), please fill out our Absentee Voting Experience Survey which we have also sent out and posted.
What town or municipality did you vote in?
Did you vote on Election Day, July 14th?
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Were you able to successfully vote?
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If not, why?
Approximate how long did you wait to vote?
Did you feel there were appropriate health and safety measures at the polling place?
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(Optional) Describe the health & safety measures you observed and/or any deficiencies you observed.
Did you observe or experience anything else you wish to share while voting?
(Optional) If you would like to be contacted by an Election Observer about your voting experience, enter your name and email address or phone number here:
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