Tucson Fringe Volunteer Staff and Board Statement of Interest
Tucson Fringe Mission Statement:
To produce an annual unjuried, uncensored festival of theater and other performing arts events in downtown Tucson that provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for theater and performing artists and audiences.

Values Statement:
Tucson Fringe Festival Inc. is founded in equal opportunity for all. We believe diversity fuels the spirit, fosters meaningful connections, and cultivates a beautifully creative and conscientious community. We value everyone's unique self and understand each person has different abilities and capacities. We are committed to inclusion across identity including but not limited to ethnicity, culture, gender, age, religion, orientation, and experience.

Our volunteer staff consists of 13 Festival Operating Committees, some of which are led by a board member, some are not, some positions have a small stipend attached to them, some do not. These committees work about 2-5 hours a month, maybe a little more in the weeks leading up to an event. There are more specific job postings at the end of this form.

Every member of the board chairs or co-chairs a Festival Operating Committee (FOC) The Executive Director is always available to clarify expectations and help you complete FOC tasks. Currently, the board meets once a month for 2 hours.

Most of our money comes from Button sales, small corporate sponsorships, and grants (ACA, Arts Foundation). We are expanding our offerings to include quarterly events that may be used as fundraisers, as well as artist opportunities. As a board member, you are expected to either contribute to this event with your time and effort (your FOC job) or financially, should we need it.

Fringe is still building its brand, and its visibility. There are many people, even in the arts community, who don’t know that Fringe exists, or what we do. As a board member, it is expected that you’ll help spread the word. We’re working on some video marketing / education materials to help you do that.

COMPENSATION: Most of these are volunteer positions and have no hourly wage or salary. These positions do not provide health, dental, vision, life, or short/long-term disability insurance benefits. However, Tucson Fringe Inc.’s general liability insurance covers the person in this position for any accidents occurring during actions and events directly supporting organization activities.


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