Tucson Fringe Board President Application
Tucson Fringe Mission Statement: To produce an annual unjuried, uncensored festival of theater and performing arts events in downtown Tucson that provide accessible and inclusive opportunities for theater and performing artists and audiences.

Job Description: The President provides leadership to the Board and is to whom the Executive Director is accountable. The President helps guide and mediate Board actions concerning organizational priorities and governance. The President aligns organizational goals with the work of special interest committees and provides guidance about workflow and how individual committees can support the organization’s mission and impact. The President regularly reviews the organization's work plan and reviews Board concerns with the Executive Director. Annually, the President formally evaluates the performance of the organization in achieving its mission and of the Executive Director and provides an informal evaluation of Board Member effectiveness.
Board meetings occur the 3rd Sunday of every month (9am-11am) for the 2019 calendar year.

The President:
-Is a member of the Board
-Is an ex officio as a member of committees and attends their meetings when invited.
-Is a partner with the Executive Director and Board Members in achieving the organization's mission.
-Determines the frequency of meetings and sets meeting dates, times, and location and presides over all scheduled meetings of the General Membership, as well as those of the Board of Directors.
-Creates all meeting agendas that include financial reporting, standing committees progress reports, marketing and outreach, activity updates, upcoming tasks, and other topics as needed.
-Calls and presides over Special Meetings of the General Membership, as well as the Board of Directors, as circumstances warrant.
-Encourages active organization strategic (work plan) planning.
-Creates special committees and appoints chairpersons of such, in consultation with other Board members.
-Monitors financial planning and financial reports.
-Plays a primary support role in fundraising activities
-Plays a central support role in promoting and sharing organization mission through attending public events, media interviews, and writing articles and social media posts, etc.
-Performs other responsibilities assigned by the Board.

Compensation: This is a volunteer position and has no hourly wage or salary. This volunteer position does not provide health, dental, vision, life, or short/long-term disability insurance benefits. However, Tucson Fringe Inc.’s general liability insurance covers the person in this position for any accidents occurring during actions and events directly supporting organization activities.

Values Statement: Tucson Fringe Festival Inc. is founded in equal opportunity for all. We believe diversity fuels the spirit, fosters meaningful connections, and cultivates a beautifully creative and conscientious community. We value everyone's unique self and understand each person has different abilities and capacities. We are committed to inclusion across identity including but not limited to ethnicity, culture, gender, age, religion, orientation, and experience.
Start Date: Mid-March 2019

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How did you hear about this position? Were you referred by a current board member? If so, whom?
What makes our mission meaningful to you? How do you encourage people to honor the uniqueness of individuals and/or How do you challenge stereotypes and promote sensitivity and inclusion?
What skills, strengths, or expertise do you possess that you think would benefit our organization? Do you have personal aspirations that could be enhanced by service as Board President?
Do you have experience on a board or working as a team on artistic or business project? What would your expectations of the Executive Director and current Board Members be?
Please list or describe and current volunteer commitments or service roles you fill with other organizations.
Anything else we should know about you?
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