Childersburg High School Transcript Request Form
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Transcript Cost-:
* Sealed and Mailed: $5.00
* Emailed: $3.00
Transcripts will not be sent until the money is received.
Payment can be sent to: Childersburg High School, 122 Faye S. Perry Dr., Childersburg, Al 35044.
You may call Mrs. Reed at (256) 315-5480 to check the status of the transcript.
Full Legal Name When Attending CHS *
Date of Birth *
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Year of Graduation or Last Year Attended *
*Please indicate if you DID NOT graduate from CHS. (drop-out or transfer)
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*If you want to pick up the transcript, please give the date you need it. If the transcript needs to be mailed or faxed, please provide all the necessary information below.
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