DIYcave - Think it. Make it!
DIYcave gives you access to Equipment, Shop Space, Private Studios, Classes, and Expert Advice so you can complete all your Do-It-Yourself Projects. This survey will help us improve DIYcave!
I have enough space to complete all my DIY projects.
I would use shop space if it was available to me.
I have all the knowledge I need to complete my DIY projects.
I wish I had tools I can't justify buying
I have access to the helpers I need to complete my DIY projects.
I'm interested in:
Choose all that apply.
A resource I'd LOVE to have access to is:
Examples: Heated Shop Space, Table Saw, Expert Advice, 3D Printer, Plasma Cutter, Welder, Spray Booth, CAD Program, Automotive Lift, CNC Machines, Sandblast Booth... You Name It!
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I would take classes to learn more about my DIY interests.
I would be interested in taking parent/guardian with child classes.
I would pay to have access to a well equipped shop that has the equipment, expert advice and resources I need.
My age group is:
My gender is:
My occupation is:
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My Zip Code is:
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I want to stay up to date with what's happening with DIYcave! My email address is:
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This is what I think would make DIYcave really great!
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