Ban Appeal
If you feel that your account has been wrongfully banned, please fill in the form below.

šŸ‘Š Fill-in the required fields with correct information only.
šŸ‘Š Multiple requests would be ignored. Don't spam ban appeal requests.
šŸ‘Š Updates on your ban appeal request would be sent via Garena+ notification.
šŸ‘Š Expect an update on your Ban Appeal request within 1-3 working days.
šŸ‘Š Invalid/Non-existing Trooper Name and/or Garena UID would not be sent a Garena+ Notification.

Trooper Name: *
Your in-game name.
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Garena UID: *
Provide your Garena UID. Click if you do NOT know how to get your UID. Make sure to supply your correct Garena UID.
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Date Banned: *
The date you discovered that your account was banned.
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Fill in some additional details that might explain your ban appeal better.
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