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Seattle Flow Arts Collective (SFAC) was founded with the mission to promote well-being and inspire play by sharing and advancing the flow arts in the Puget Sound region.

Part of our mission is to empower active community participation, and in that spirit you're invited to fill out this volunteer interest form! Volunteers are what make our world go round, and they help us to operate and support the programs, shows, workshops and more that we share with the Seattle community at large. Below you'll find descriptions of a number of types of potential volunteer roles. Please let us know which types of roles or programs you might be interested in supporting! There is also space for you to share skills and abilities not captured by the form, as well as space to offer general feedback to the current nonprofit board.

The information collected below is necessary to operate our programs safely and to keep in touch with you should the need arise. All submitted information is confidential and will not be shared with other parties.

In addition to general volunteer opportunities, we are also seeking more individuals to serve on our board. If this is something you're interested in learning more about, or interested in nominating yourself or someone else for, please be sure to check that box below and we will follow up via email with more information.

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Volunteer Role Descriptions
- Hosting Open Jams and Workshops: Whether at a community dance center or out in the park, all good flow arts jams need a host. This person (or persons) would be responsible for greeting people as they arrive, helping to answer questions, setting up any relevant infrastructure (music, "circle time," etc.),collecting money if applicable, and generally creating a welcoming environment.

- Music Performance: SFAC will have regular opportunities for DJs and organic musicians to perform at events that we will be hosting. We'd love to collaborate!

- Tabling at Community Events: Hosting our booth at various community events in the Puget Sound region to share information about SFAC and the flow arts in general. May involve some set up and tear down.

- Teaching Adults Flow/Circus Arts: There will be a number of opportunities to teach flow arts, whether at a community event such as FlowShop, or at local festivals, businesses, or other establishments and events. Some of these opportunities would be one time events while others would occur ongoing. No previous experience is required - we will help with providing insight and feedback.

- Teaching Children Flow/Circus Arts: Are you especially interested in teaching kids? This is the spot for you! We're hoping to have opportunities to teach in schools as well as kid focused workshops on evenings, weekends and school breaks.

- Stage Show Production/Creation: Help create more outlets for your fellow artists to perform and share their skills at. SFAC will provide infrastructural support (managing ticketing, working with vendors, etc.) while you work as the creative director of a stage production. No experience needed - just a willingness to work on a team with other people who have a vision to share.

- Stage Show House Management: This would involve all of the support positions that help a show run smoothly. Volunteer as an usher, help out backstage or with lighting, take tickets at the door, and just generally help guests at the stage shows/productions have a fun and safe time.

- Grant Writing: Pretty self explanatory! This would involve conducting research to find grants that we qualify to apply for, and then applying for them. Previous experience preferred but not necessary; should have strong written communication skills.

- Accounting: Anyone with previous experience or unfettered interest in learning accounting skills would be most useful! Help us with budgets, make sure the bank statements all make sense and potentially help with year end taxes.

- Equity Ambassador: SFAC strives to be an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-agist, anti-.... you get the picture. If you're passionate about equity, diversity, intersectionality and accessibility, let us know.

- Legal Aid: Being an official organization means we officially need legal advice from time to time. Experience with contracts and liability especially helpful.

- Social Media Management: We're looking for people with some knowledge of the ins and outs of social media to help increase our presence and aid in our online promotion efforts.

- Graphic Design: Help us promote events and productions with your graphic design skills.

- Media Production: We need images and videos to go with our marketing materials. Are you a photographer or videographer willing to offer services?

- Blog Posts: The Seattle Flow Arts Collective website hosts a blog for flow arts-related posts, and we'd love to have entries contributed by a diverse group of community members. Do you have something you'd like to share with our community via a blog?

- Consent Culture: SFAC loves consent! This department could involve anything consent related, from helping to provide consent workshops and materials to being a consent ambassador (someone at events that people can come to if they have any concerns or questions).

- Program Development: Be part of the development of the programs that we plan to bring into schools, nursing homes, corporate businesses, festivals, and beyond.

- Board Member: The SFAC board of directors will meet 6 times each year to carry out the official governance activities of the Seattle Flow Arts Collective. Board members also serve on committees (financial, governance, program development, etc.) and will be in attendance at meetings of any committee they join. If you would like to be considered for the board, we will follow up with a separate application form. Board members will be selected by a vote of the current board (BJ Burg, Arlene Smith, Kat Plimpton, Desert Black, Zachary Mallon, and Zee Parker) per the guidelines outlined in the organization's bylaws.

- Other: What did we miss?! Fill in the blank(s) with any skills you have to offer not captured above, or let us know that you're not sure how you'd like to volunteer but you're up for filling in where we need you!
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