Sonic Robo Blast 2 Master Server Ban Appeal
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Please read all of the text in this form before submitting your appeal. We promise it's important.
Bans are used on the SRB2 Master Server as corrective action, not a last resort. If you're a well-meaning person who can understand and follow the rules, we would love to have you back. This appeal form is here to filter out genuine bad actors and reduce the workload on staff. To show you read this, include the words "Chaos Emerald" somewhere in your appeal. Please note that we do read and discuss all appeals on staff, though appeals not in English are less likely to be accepted.
Do not fill out this form unless you are seeing this error! Any other error is most likely a technical issue, not a ban. Visit to troubleshoot.
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How should we contact you? *
Provide your Discord tag (EXAMPLE: Sonic#1991), e-mail address, etc. in order to be contacted by staff. Any member of staff may contact you, but only for purposes related to your appeal. (If you change tags and don't provide alternate contact, we will not be able to reverse your ban!)
What was your ban reason? *
What happened? Why should you be unbanned? *
If you genuinely believe your ban was a misunderstanding, give us the details and context so we can put together a better picture of what actually happened. Otherwise, we basically just need to know that you're not gonna do what you did again, and what you hope to contribute to the community instead.
One appeal should be all you need. If you feel you left out something important on accident, or if you've changed your mind later, feel free to submit a new one. Sending the same appeal repeatedly or immediately bothering staff in other places leads to automatic rejection. Even if we do want to reverse your ban, it may be a while before we contact you; be patient and don't shoot yourself in the foot!
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