iPEN Project: understanding group processes at the end of year 1
Dear iPEN project partners,
this is a short evaluation form with regards to project coordination and leadership of the iPEN Erasmus+ project. It is conducted at the end of year one of the project's lifetime (October 2018).
It has been prepared by the WP3 (Quality Assurance) leader, Katerina Zourou, with the aim of collecting data and improving any ill-defined areas. Your feedback is therefore invaluable.
All data provided will remain anonymous.
The form contains several sections, each addressing a dimension related to project coordination and leadership, namely: the distribution of tasks between partners • the work plan and timetable • partners' knowledge of the main goals and results being aimed at • the distribution of responsibilities among partners • the decision-making procedures • the methods of communication between partners and frequency of communication.

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Decision-making procedures and project management
From your investment in the project so far (until October 2018) do you feel you are able to contribute to the project outcomes to some extent?
Is all relevant information available in due time?
Can you rate the overall quality of project coordination until now?
Not suitable
Very suitable
If you wish to make any comments regarding the project coordination please use the box below
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Can you rate the coordination qualities of Work Package 1 (Preparation)?
very good
Distribution of tasks
Is the work plan and timetable clear for all partners?
Are you, as partner, aware of the common project goals and the specific goals for your institution?
Are you, as partner, aware of your responsibilities?
Is there a clear and realistic description of the tasks of the project co-ordinator and each partner?
If you wish to make any comment regarding to the "Distribution of tasks" issues, please use the box below
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Timetable and communication
There is a clear timetable with activities for each partner
A time schedule for communication between partners and for exchange of material is available. *
The co-ordinator respects the deadlines
The frequency of internal communication is...
The means (email, platform, other types of communication) are
Other (means of communication) you would like to see?
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Planning and coordination
Clear planning and management guidelines in the project plan
Very good
Equity of participation
Very good
Clarity of roles and responsibilities
Very good
Promotion of teamwork, sharing of experience and expertise *
Very good
What is the coordinator’s strongest point?
Your answer
What is the coordinator’s weakest point?
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Please add an idea of how to make the iPEN projects' coordination better
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