Internationalization support request form – Expression of interest
The bioXclusters’ alliance, formed since 2012 by Biocat (Catalonia), BioM (Bavaria), BioPmed (Piedmont) and Lyonbiopole (Auvergne Rhone-Alpes), has deployed strategic partnerships over the years with organizations outside Europe to offer internationalization services to healthcare SMEs. The organizations are called “gateways”

Thanks to their Gateway partners, the bioXclusters alliance is ready to support your company in finding the right business or technological partner, as well as the most suitable expert, consultant or service provider that you might need.

How it works
If you are looking for a business or R&D partner, if you are offering or need a technology, a service provider or a distributor for your product in one of those markets, just fill in the following form with the details of your offer or request. The bioXclusters alliance will collect and analyze with you the requests that will be then addressed to the Gateways.

Please send one form per Country of Interest

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