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We've been thinking of focusing less on news content. How would you feel about that? *
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What genres/franchises do you want to see us cover (whether it is news, reviews, editorials, etc.)? *
Have you been enjoying the theme months (Blade Runner, Disney) we have done in the past? *
Tell us what theme months you'd like to see us do in the future! Could be genre-based or centered on a film celebrating an upcoming anniversary.
Would you come to MonsoonVision (live-weekly group watches via Disqus) if it was at a different time than Sunday 9PM CST or Wednesday 9PM CST? *
What time should MonsoonVision be at? (please give day and time in CST)
What is your favorite part of SAW? (be honest)
What is your least favorite part of SAW? (be ruthless)
What keeps you coming back to the site each day/week/month? *
Do you have a disqus account so you can comment on our articles? *
If you are a regular reader and don't have a disqus account are there any reasons why?
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Finally, please provide us with any additional thoughts or feedback! We are open to (almost) anything!
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