Checklist: Are you ready for starting your firm?
If you have made a decision to start your own architectural firm, this checklist will assist you to evaluate and assess if you are ready to start off or you still need some more preparation. Take this checklist as your personal self-assessment guide and keep coming back to it till you feel confident answering all the questions.

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Why do you want to start your own architectural practice?
Have you identified your strengths?
Define your three core strength
Do you know your USP(Unique selling point)?
Have you defined your weakness and steps you shall take to overcome?
Have you thought about how you will balance your personal and professional life?
Do you like to work alone OR Do you feel comfortable in team work?
Are you ready to face uncertainties of payments, work, and unforeseen situation?
Have you consulted a lawyer to decide the legal structure of the firm?
Have you obtained all the licenses required (such as your registration with council of architecture, tax registration of your company, etc)?
Decide upon the way you will like your firm to be positioned in the market, for example:
Clear selection
Have you prepared a business plan?
Have you made provision for enough money that will last for at least a year?
Have you prepared an annual budget and profit plan?
Have you prepared a marketing plan?
Have you allotted sufficient fund for marketing?
Will you accept the job already assigned to another consultant at lower fees?
Do you and your well-wishers feel that location of your office is ideal?
Do you think your office has an enough space to take care of your future growth?
Have you worked out the requirements of furniture, equipment, software, hardware etc?
Do you wish to hire office employees like office administrator and architectural assistance? Or plan to work solo? How many employees will you need at the beginning?
Do you positively take appreciation and criticism of your work?
Do you think an Exit Plan is necessary, so that in case if you have to close down the business, you can do so gracefully?
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