Salvationist Service Corps Application

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    Instructions – STOP! READ THESE FIRST!

    The Salvationist Service Corps Application has three steps. In order to be considered for a team you must complete each step before the deadlines listed. The online application has two parts: a personal information portion and a personal response portion. This is the personal information portion and should only take you a few minutes. Upon completion of this portion, there will be a link to the personal response portion (we will also send you the link to the email you provided). This will take around 30-45 minutes to complete. You may want to look over all the personal response questions before beginning. To view the Personal Response Questions click below: 1. This application requires four references. Please notify in advance those you are listing as your references. Once you complete this application and provide us with their contact information, your references will be contacted by Youth Dept and sent a link to complete their portion of the reference form. The following references will be required: - DYS - CORPS OFFICER - FRIEND - EMPLOYER (if applicable) 2. Make a 2 minute video showing us who you are and why we should consider you as an applicant. Please forward your uploaded video links to These are due to THQ no later than February 10. 3. After your application is received at THQ, you will receive an email notification containing instructions about an emotional intelligence survey you are to fill out as part of the application process. The survey is just another tool we use to help us put stronger teams together and develop ways to better train our teams. The consent form that is sent to you via email must be faxed or emailed to the address in the instructions no later than February 3. Before you begin filling out the application, consider spending time in prayer over the application. If you are chosen as a Salvationist Service Corps member, you will be required to do many things which are outside of your comfort zone and things you have never done before. The first thing you will be asked to do is raise $750 to go towards the cost of your trip. Raising support for your trip is a way of saying to God, “I trust you with my summer. I trust you to provide for me in every way.” It also helps you build a team of people around you who will lovingly pray for you while you are gone. If you do not think you will be able to raise the support to go, perhaps you should consider waiting until a later date to apply.
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    You MUST at least be 18 by June 1st or your application will not be considered.
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