PoleCon 2022 Performer Application
Thank you for wanting to perform at PoleCon 2022! Please submit your application by January 15. All applicants will be notified by January 30 via email from colleen@poleconvention.com -- please ensure this email is white listed/check your spam filter! Performers receive a 10% discount off their Weekend Pass.

All levels, all bodies—all every one are invited to apply! Questions? Contact Colleen directly: colleen@poleconvention.com


PLEASE NOTE: while under 18 performers are welcome to apply in any showcase; we will not consider applications to the Sexy showcase. Pole Comedy is available, however parents/guardians should note that showcase often contains adult themes and should use their best judgement when applying. Parents/guardians must apply for anyone under 18 and disclose they are under 18 in the additional information box (end of application). Parents/guardians receive same discount as their under 18 performers, must have a Weekend Pass and must be with their under 18 person at all times.

Troupes and Groups only: representative performance does not have to include all members of the proposed troupe. Please provide an estimated number of people in your troupe in your application.

Troupes/Groups/Duets are welcome in every showcase.

"Representative performance" means -- if you are applying to Pole Comedy, your routine should be funny. If applying to sexy, should be sexy, etc.

>>>You may apply to multiple showcases. Send in separate applications.<<<

Stage Set Up: The poles will be 45mm chrome XPoles, 12 ft tall on a truss system with ~9ft between the poles and 9-10 ft clearance all around (front/back/sides). Please see videos from last year's event on our Facebook and YouTube -- we will have the same stage set up (lighting might be slightly different, floor covering is Marley).

For all solo performers, the pole stage right (when you are standing on stage looking out — your right) is on spin and the pole on your left is static. For duets/groups/troupes please specify which pole is static and which is spin when you send in your music.

If chosen to perform, you will be asked to provide the following information in addition to the actual music file you will be dancing to by May 1 via another Google Form.

IF YOUR FORM IS LATE YOU WILL BE ASSESSED A $20 FINE TO PERFORM AT POLECON payable in person prior to your performance.

Music: 4 min or less. Profanity is fine. Music does not need to be "clean."

Bio: BRIEF no more than 100 words something about you that the MCs will use to introduce you/your group before you perform including your social media handle.

Props: are ok -- even people props. People props (up to 2 people can be considered props). Only you and your human prop (if relevant) may use your performer discount. If you are the parent/guardian of an under 18 performer, you may also use the performer discount.

Costumes: we do not yet know if you can wear pasties/thongs. We will update. This changes every year based on the hotel. Generally string bikini tops/bottoms are acceptable coverage.
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