7th Grade LGPE Confirmation
The details have been finalized for the 7th Grade Band's Performance at the GMEA Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE) on Thursday, March 22nd. This performance is evaluated in detail and confirms the students' mastery of the state curriculum for Band. Please note the official date so as to avoid scheduling appointments on this day and release any other dates you reserved on your family calendar for this performance. Students will be meet at the start of homeroom and return to Dodgen around the beginning of 6th period. Please review the information and itinerary below.

GROUP: Dodgen 7th Grade Band
DATE: Thursday, March 22nd
LOCATION: McEachern High School
FOOD: Students will need to eat an early lunch while at McEachern. The band will be purchasing boxed meals from Publix and drinking bottled water 10:30-11 AM. You are more than welcome to bring a packed lunch from home, especially if your child has a food allergy.
UNIFORM: Students will need to wear their official Dodgen Band uniform to school on 3/22! (Solid black pants, black socks that are long enough so that the student's leg does not show when seated, and the official white Dodgen Band Polo Shirt neatly tucked in.)
Parents, if you are available to attend the performance at McEachern, the students would greatly appreciate performing for a large, supportive audience! We also need a few volunteers to ride with us as chaperones and serve lunch to the students. Please volunteer on the Dodgen Band website.

9:00 AM Arrive at school wearing your band uniform
9:05 AM Check in with your homeroom teacher and then report directly to the band room
9:15 AM Load buses in the Dodgen Bus Parking Lot
9:30 AM Depart Dodgen for McEachern High School
10:15 AM Arrive at McEachern High School, unload students and instruments.
10:30 AM Watch Smitha MS Band perform
10:45 AM Eat early lunch (Publix meal boxes)
11:15 AM Watch Mabry MS Band perform
11:35 AM Retrieve instruments and music
12:00 PM Begin warm-up and tuning in warm up area
12:45 PM Begin performance by the Dodgen 7th Grade Band!!!
1:05 PM Begin clinic session with guest conductor in rehearsal room
1:20 PM Begin sightreading evaluation in rehearsal room
1:45 PM Conclude sightreading, pack up instruments and load buses
2:30 PM Arrive back at Dodgen and go directly to 6th period

A copy of this form was distributed in class. Please complete EITHER this online form or the paper form by March 1st.

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My child has permission to attend the mandatory GMEA state-standards performance evaluation. I understand that my child must comply with all uniform guidelines because it is part of the total evaluation score. I understand my child must wear his/her uniform to school on 3/22 that parents are invited and encouraged to attend the performance at McEachern.
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